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Claude Hamilton has a longing for people to be inspired and empowered through expressive atmospheres. Praise and Worship is the bane of this worshipper and his desire is to usher you into the presence of God whenever the opportunity arises. Claude is the Minister of Music at The Lord’s House Kingdom Church, located in Conyers, Ga., under the leadership of Apostle Eugene and Diane Taylor. It is here that he has served faithfully alongside his leaders since 2003.

He is a prolific preacher, charged with a Prophetic call and an Apostolic nature.  It is the through the word ministry, He teaches we must find out what God is doing, as exemplified by Sons of Issachar in 1 Chronicles 12:32. It is under his Pastors tutelage that he understands the importance and the power of prayer and praise and worship, keeping them as his foundational principles.  


2016 marks the year of manifestation for Claude as he is emerging as a powerful worship leader, releasing his first single, REVEALED. This melodious mid-tempo song guarantees to put the hearer in arms reach of the presence of God. He has shared the stage with Tasha Cobbs, Marica Chisolm, David Walker and  High Praise,  Dr. T. L. Penny, Dr. Juanita Bynum, Bishop Willie James Campbell, Prophet Tyquan Sparks, Bishop Norman Hutchins and Dr. Matthew Stevenson,  just to name a few.  


Claude is determined to live out his dreams by fulfilling his purpose, by doing all the things God has given him to do, conventional and non-conventional. Realizing THE KINGDOM OF GOD is at hand. 

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A Worshipper



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